27 févr. 2009

Acabar com a violência contra as mulheres

protect the human
End impunity: stand up against sexual violence
Rape is cheaper than bullets- London Underground Campaign

Dear Friend,
This International Women's Day (8 March) we are drawing inspiration from courageous women standing up for equality in the face of violence and marginalisation. Women like Justine Bihamba.

Living in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Justine has experienced first-hand the sexual violence of war. Like many war-torn and post-conflict countries, rape is used here to terrorise, demoralise and humiliate whole communities. Justine Bihamba
Despite threats and opposition, Justine has established an organisation to help women who have been raped or assaulted. Because sexual violence is so commonplace and justice is rarely served, women don't come forward to identify their attackers. Justine is determined to stop this destructive cycle of fear and rape -"All we want is an end to this impunity", she says.

You can take action this International Women's Day by calling on the Congolese Authorities to protect Justine Bihamba, her family and colleagues so they can continue to help victims of rape rebuild their lives.

Justine is just one of the many women around the world that Amnesty International is campaigning for. For more information on other cases and actions to take, check out our Stop Violence Against Women campaign centre.

"When two sides fight, the one punishes the other by raping women"
- Justine Bihamba

Celebrate International Women's Day by taking action for women in conflict.


Amnesty International
Protect The Human


Take action for Justine Bihamba in DRC

Forward this email and stand up for women's rights

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